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Paula Cooper
The Executioner Within

In a time when journalists are needed more than ever, but simultaneously reviled, I commend to you this extraordinary article about our friend and colleague Paula Cooper.  This article, or “ebook” as it is called, is an accurate, meticulously researched, and sensitive look at Paula’s life from her tortured upbringing to her sentence of death to her time working in our office with all the ups and downs life threw at her.  Thank you, Bobby King and Indianapolis Star.  If you care about justice and the issues we confront in this country today, it is a must read.  We at IFCD loved her and we miss her.  RIP Paula.  You made us better lawyers; you made us better people.


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The mission of the Indiana Federal Community Defender’s Office is to provide high quality, client centered representation to indigent defendants. We believe that every case is different and every client is unique. When the Government charges you or your loved one with a federal crime, there can be no one-size-fits-all solution. Facts must be meticulously investigated. The law must be exhaustively researched. We are committed to treating each client with dignity and respect and are guided by the principle that vigorous defense and zealous advocacy are necessary to safeguard the cherished rights guaranteed to every citizen under the United States Constitution. Our goal is to reach the best possible result and to ensure that no client feels disadvantaged or compromised due to the inability to retain private counsel.

We accomplish these goals by utilizing a team approach to advocacy. Each team will be staffed with at least one trial attorney, a research and writing attorney, and an investigator. Additional personnel will be brought on board as the facts and the case require. Our clients are important team members as well. Clients are expected to fully engage in the process to achieve the best results, it’s your life and we’re here to help. That’s client centered advocacy, when it matters most.