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The Marshall Project

Body cam footage reveals that officers don’t always follow department guidelines or training.
1/31/2023 11:00 AM

Developed by formerly incarcerated people, the video series brings news, interviews and profiles into U.S. prisons and jails.
1/30/2023 11:00 AM

A dialogue with Wilbert L. Cooper, a reporter from a family of Black officers, on why Black officers are no cure for police violence.
1/28/2023 4:34 PM

The Marshall Project explains its decision to offer free news to incarcerated people on tablets that otherwise charge users.
1/27/2023 11:00 AM

As more cities set up police watchdogs, some officers’ unions seek new ways to try to weaken them.
1/21/2023 5:00 PM

Data shows declines in public-sector employment, even as the private job market has rebounded.
1/21/2023 11:00 AM

The move follows our investigation revealing meals of raw potatoes, moldy bread.
1/20/2023 11:00 AM

“I didn’t want to give any type of indication that I am in prison, because I didn’t want to be kicked out.”
1/20/2023 11:00 AM

Despite the security concerns of administrators, incarcerated people use phones to hustle, make TikToks or publicize prison conditions.
1/19/2023 11:00 AM

Nearly half of U.S. states have no minimum age for prosecution, unlike most nations.
1/14/2023 5:00 PM

A year of growth gives way to big opportunities.
1/10/2023 11:00 AM

Amid scrutiny over Cleveland police hiring practices, the department has been scouting Historically Black Colleges and Universities to help fix its image. Not everyone is on board.
1/9/2023 11:00 AM

Our investigations spotlighted rampant violations, like thousands of broken fire alarms and smoke detectors.
1/9/2023 10:00 AM

Oregon and Louisiana eliminated the practice, which had white supremacist roots. But they differ on whether to retroactively overturn those convictions.
1/7/2023 5:00 PM

A portrait of Cuyahoga County’s repeat defendants.
12/27/2022 11:00 AM

From coverage of prison violence and abuses in a juvenile lockup to investigations by our new Cleveland team, our reporters told stories that made a difference.
12/22/2022 11:00 AM

Censorship kept me from finishing a college essay behind bars. Now, prisons might keep readers from my memoir.
12/21/2022 11:00 AM

We asked all state systems for book policies and ban lists, then created a database for you.
12/21/2022 11:00 AM

In New York City and other areas across the country some leaders are pushing to forcefully commit more people.
12/17/2022 5:00 PM

Celebrities get a lot of attention on both sides of the wall. But ultimately, we are all the same: warehoused property.
12/16/2022 11:00 AM