Serving the Southern District of Indiana

Sentencing Resources

In 2014, the Indiana Federal Community Defenders recognized an urgent need for defense centered sentencing plans.  The idea was to provide increased advocacy on behalf of convicted defendants that addressed a client's particular vulnerabilities and how they came to find themselves in a federal court awaiting sentencing.  We wanted to create innovative plans for the future that would address a client's individual needs for rehabilitative resources.  In this way, we hoped to increase community based rehabilitative efforts and decrease prison sentences.
In furtherance of these goals in 2014, we hired Jackie Guy, a licensed clinical social worker.  Jackie has a Masters degree in social work and a bachelors in psychology.  She is an experienced mitigation specialist in capital, as well as, noncapital cases.  She is a former federal probation officer from the Northern District of California and she has also worked in mental health treatment centers.  Jackie has lived in Canada, Guatemala, California, Nambia, and Chile.  Her sentencing reports have been relied upon by federal judges when giving below guideline sentences.
In 2015, in recognition of the success of this program we expanded it and hired Dani Waller.  Dani also has a Masters degree in social work, as well as, a Masters in societal politics.  Her undergraduate studies were in political science.  At the time we hired her, Dani was in private practice running a successful capital mitigation program in Kentucky.  She is a frequent guest lecturer on issues concerning capital case mitigation. 
In addition to preparing sentencing memorandums, Jackie and Dani are also available to assist clients pretrial with difficulties adjusting to incarceration or navigating the complex, but limited, labyrinth of resources available to clients who have been released awaiting resolution of their federal cases. 
We believe this program is the first of its kind in the federal public defender system.  We are very proud of the work that has been done on behalf of our clients by Jackie and Dani and we look forward to serving you or your loved one should these type of resources become necessary.

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