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Paula Cooper Memorial

Paula Cooper Memorial

Release date: 6/14/2015

Paula Cooper Memorial Page


Paula Cooper
1969 ~ 2015

It is with terribly heavy hearts that we report to you that our legal assistant, Paula Cooper, has passed away. As you know, Paula came to our office having once been represented by me, after she was sentenced to the death penalty for a murder she committed at fifteen. You're probably going to see a fair bit of discussion about Paula in the news in the coming days but I wanted you to hear from me first.
If you came into contact with Paula on the phone, or in person in our office, you know that she had a sunny personality that could make you smile on your worst day. She was cheerful and motivated to help everyone in the office, easing the load whenever she could. What you may not know about Paula is that she was also a fierce advocate on behalf of our clients. Recently, we had some trouble getting a particular client on the phone. Tenaciously, Paula called and emailed, working her way up and down the chain of command until the client was finally reached. In the background of that call, the client's BOP counselor could be heard repeating, "make sure she (the attorney) tells PAULA COOPER that she talked to you!"
We are uncertain why but deeply sad that Paula reached a place that was so dark that she could not call out for help, we would have been there. What we do know is that Paula exemplified our mission. She was the best of us. And she will be sorely missed. 
Monica Foster
Chief Federal Defender
Indiana Southern District